Six trending Asian haircuts you will notice everywhere in 2021

    If you are thinking about changing your haircut or dabbling in a new colour, now is the time to do it. 

    After all, a new season (and pandemic) is on the horizon, and with that, fresh new hairstyles are emerging, and influence is plentiful. All you need is look into pin interest or scroll through Instagram to find plenty of hairstyles from models, celebs or influencers. But wait, why waste your time doing that when you can get everything you need by scrolling through our fave hairstyles collections?


    First time you’ve dropped by here for some hairstyle reference?

    Just know that we love modifying high-end fashion trends into wearable, high street styles that you can wear day in and day out. So, don’t let this list of catwalk or celeb discourage you as we’ll let you know exactly how you can find your very own versions of these hairstyles. Helping you to tailor hair trends to your own personal taste is what we’re all about!


    Admit it or not, 2020 was a significant year for haircuts — COVID-19 be damned. In the beginning, we saw endless folks use salon closures as an excuse to show hairstylist, giving themselves bangs, layers, and buzz cuts. And when salons were back open, we rushed to their beloved stylists for both touch-ups and full transformations. The bob was popular, as was the pixie cut and shaved heads. On the flip side yet, low-maintenance cuts — like long bangs and the one length cut — were seen throughout, too. 


    1. Wild Child

    If you would prefer your hairstyle not to be so simple, but to be a little edgier, then this hairstyle is the one for you! This pointy and wacky haircut with long straight sides will be the hottest of 2021.

    2. College Boy

    This another popular favorite for Asian men hairstyles. With a little lengthy fade with a high top and very short sides, this haircut will draw some attention from the right people.

    3. Bob with bangs

    A chin length bob is an an excellent idea to show sharp angular features like striking cheekbones. For ladies with thick hair, this smooth cut is a great way to showcase their hair. 

    4. Chunky highlight

    2021 brought back the chunky highlights trend that was very famous in the beginning of 2000s, and we’ll yet be having a lot of them in the new year — but in a more softened version like this one.

    5. Rose brown hair

    Brunettes can have fun too. Brunette hair might have the privilege of being a basic hair colour, but it’s far from dull. There are many ways to enhance your mane.This rosy brown hair has become a popular choice. It’s a low-maintenance option that adds intensity to brown hairs.

    6. Easy Middle Part

    Long hair for days, this straight thin texture is more than what surfers dream for, it is the absolute cool to the formal statement with that bold mid part. To top it off, blow on a clean look to balance it slightly and dye the highlights can it ever get better than this?


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